Uneven ground, uneven-handed

- 1:33 pm - June 30th, 2015

During May 2015, on a visit to two long-established car parks at Duloch Park, Dunfermline, it was interesting to see that at one of them, the conventional blacktop surface has been reinstated, with new gleaming fresh tarmac on the roads. But there was no sign of corresponding maintenance or renewal/replacement work on the equally old permeable pavement car parking surfaces there.

DEX Photo 1.jpg

At the second example site (the oldest - about twenty years old) - the blacktop was heavily eroded and in poor condition, and the permeable block surface was clearly not functioning in some areas of the extensive car park. Yet although there are complaints about the permeable pavement technology at such sites, no-one looks at the tarmac and says "Whoa! Look at those failures!  Look at the puddles and ruts and pot-holes!  Clearly we can't use blacktop on car parks or roads anymore..."

DEX Photo 2.jpg


Yet the blacktop gets repaired and the roads fixed, but the permeable surfaces are too often left without any equivalent restoration or maintenance work, and then the technology is condemned. Why? "