Good, good, good - good vibrations

- 7:52 pm - September 28th, 2015

The annual VIBES awards ( ) short-list of possible winners features C & D Associates (an Enviroexperience member organisation) in 3 categories

  • New product

  • Cooperation

  • Hydro Nation

The C & D effort involves development of a prototype SUDS-in-a-box unit which, when in conjunction with filter drains and roof runoff attenuation, can achieve green field runoff rates for new development.

A raised bed unit is currently being trialled at several establishments.  The unit accepts all downflow pipe flows from a roof, feeding some across the soil and allowing the rest to enter a storage volume integral within the unit. A continuous outflow, but at a staged controlled rate via a novel inlet/outlet (patent pending), allows for significant attenuation. Although limited in capacity, the unit has been designed to be a useful retrofit option for combined sewers with surcharge problems or unsatisfactory CSO performance, or in other situations where pluvial flooding risks require retrofit actions.

 Photo 2.jpg

The co-operation project has been undertaken in partnership with Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, Abertay University, and the Central Scotland Green Network Trust. It has involved piloting the C & D Associates technology at T-W show houses, including creating natural raingardens at the show house which are a practical fit with local weather conditions and provide biodiverse urban features.

Judging the short-listed businesses is on-going and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in November.

BJD for C & D Associates (contact ).